About Me

Hi, I’m Darren, an award-winning London wedding photographer.

As you can see I do have a face to be the other side of the camera!  However, this is the page of my website where I’m meant to convince you how I help old ladies across the road, rescue stranded kittens from kittens and spend my holidays backpacking across the Sahara.

Now I’m not saying I don’t do any of those (okay, I’ve never been to the Sahara!) but every photographer’s website you ever visit will tell you how great they are.  Truth be told, as a documentary wedding photographer I prefer to blend into the background unnoticed.  I prefer the photographs to do the talking.  A lot like these hopefully do:

However, there’s no getting away from it – so here’s some stuff about me:

#1 A life of photojournalism born out of 1970’s photo albums

Darren Lehane as a young boy with his family

That’s me in tie and shorts sat at the front. My Nan is stood in the white dress by the side window.

I first became aware of photography as a very young boy.  My Nan was a very keen amateur snapper and literally shot thousands of photos in her life – from the early 1920s right through to her passing in 2004.

Whenever I used to go and visit her I’d be fascinated by her hundreds of photo albums – collections of trips to far flung places.  I’d even start making up stories about the people and places in those photos, which is where I guess my love of storytelling photography first took seed. A life of photojournalism born out of 1970’s photo albums!

Also, during these visits, my Nan would let me play with an old Instamatic camera. Of course, it was never loaded with film, but I didn’t know that at the time.  I’m still convinced some of those non-photos were the best I ever took!

#2 Anton, Mode & A Failed Synth Pop Career

London wedding photographer Darren Lehane on a beach in the 1980s

Me on a beach in Spain during the 1980’s

Like a lot of teenage boys growing up in the 1980’s, I loved all those early electronic synth bands like Depeche Mode, Blancmange, OMD, Kraftwerk, etc.  As a result, I was determined to form my own synth pop band, called Das Kapital.  I even managed to persuade my mum to buy me a Yamaha synthesizer.

However, I soon found out that I couldn’t play a note or sing for toffee.  So my synth pop career was over after just one EP (ok a home recorded tape of 3 tracks).  But given my love of all these electronic and new wave bands at the time, I had fallen in love with the work of Dutch music photographer Anton Corbijn.  So I quickly figured, if I couldn’t be a pop star, the next best thing would be a photographer.

Around the same time, my mum won an Olympus SLR and with no need for it, she gave it to me. The rest as they say is history. And some 30 years later, I still shoot predominantly with Olympus cameras and the influence of Anton Corbijn is still very evident in my wedding photography, as explained here and here.

#3 A Lifelong Passion For Photography

Don’t you always find it amusing when photographers say things like, “photography is my passion”?  I mean, I’d expect anyone providing their services to be passionate about it.  I also strongly believe that passion is something you demonstrate, rather than simply say.

So those six photos above demonstrate my lifelong passion for photography.  My bookshelves literally creak under the weight of all the photography books I’ve collected over the years. It isn’t just a job – it’s something I literally live and breathe.  In fact I dream in rectangular frames!

I didn’t just get a camera for Christmas and suddenly decide to become a wedding photographer.  I’ve spent literally decades honing my craft through street photography and freelance photojournalism before I turned to shooting weddings (since 2012). My work has sold around the world, been exhibited in galleries, published in magazines and newspapers, been featured in books and represented by the likes of Getty Images. Oh, and I’ve won an award or two along the way.

So I’ve paid my dues to get to the point of shooting weddings professionally.  And, yes, it genuinely is my passion!

#4 The Person I Am Today

London wedding photographer Darren Lehane with his partner and dog

Me, K and Buddy on a beach in Kent in 2018.

And this is me today.  I live in Wallington in South London with my partner K and our little Shorkie called Buddy.

When not shooting weddings, photojournalism or street photography you’ll find me listening to music (jazz is something I’ve really gotten into in recent years), writing (I’ve had the odd short story published here and there, as well as doing quite well with a couple of short screenplay competitions) and am a long suffering West Ham United fan (but don’t hold that against me…I’ve even shot Millwall weddings!).

Here are 3 things you may not know about me:

  1. I was once on a TV game show (and yes won!)
  2. I upset Boris Johnson on a photoshoot once when he was London Mayor
  3. I’ve been told a couple of times that I have the aura glow of a “healer” around me.  It’s never been tested.

And here I am, in action at a wedding in Brighton.

So, that’s me.

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