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The contents of my wedding photography kit bag

What’s In My Wedding Photography Kit Bag?

I often get asked, particularly by other wedding photographers, about what camera equipment I take and use when undertaking a couple’s wedding photography.  So I thought it would be both interesting and useful to empty my wedding photography kit bag(s) and show you all the photographic gear I will typically pack and take with me to a wedding. My Wedding Photography Equipment Camera Bodies: #1-#3: 3 x Olympus OMD EM5 Micro Four Thirds Camera Bodies I regularly use 3 of these beautiful camera bodies (1 x Silver, 2 x Black) on a wedding day – either with 3 prime lenses (see “F” through to “L” below) or, more recently, 3 of Olympus’ new Pro Zoom lenses (see “C” through to “E” below) attached.  Not only does this mean I have lots of back-up should anything happen to one, but it gives me a lot of flexibility on the wedding day. As a wedding photojournalist who relies on capturing those fleeting little moments, the less time spent on changing lenses the less I miss! This is …