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Candid street photography of a woman on crutches in central London.

Inside The Moment of Street Photography

Too much street photography has become contrived. Too thought out. Planned. You can sense the street photographer has found the right spot, staked it out, waited for the right components to come together. It’s literally become staged. A conceptual street photography. For me, the best street photography is raw and spontaneous. It’s instinctive. It’s not overthought.  You feel it in the gut. It gets you right inside the moment, for just a few fleeting hundredths of a second. It reflects life happening. As it happens. Right there. Right now. And life isn’t perfect, or well composed. Life isn’t about waiting around or over thinking. So give me real life. Give me real street photography. Just don’t think too much about it. Snapshots: quick and easy to read blog posts about everything and anything. They’ll definitely be opinionated.

Street photography of people at a bus stop in Wallington, London.

The Street Photography Wedding Photographer in Wallington

As people may know by now, my personal street photography is very important to me.  Not just as a creative outlet but also in my approach as a documentary wedding photographer.  It’s why I have on occasion been dubbed the “street photography wedding photographer.” Urban Street Diving So I’m delighted to have had some of my street photography featured on the Urban Street Diving (USD) website.  It was also nice to have been interviewed as part of the article.  Andreas, the guy behind USD had asked me a couple of time if I’d do a contribution for the website.  The idea being to do a very short and brisk shoot in a single location. So being a Wallington wedding photographer I decided to go out to try and shoot some street photography around Wallington.  You can see the results and read the interview me over on Urban Street Diving. The Street Photography Wedding Photographer So why is street photography so important to me as documentary wedding photographer? Well, when it comes to your wedding photography …

Award winning street photographer DArren Lehane

Award-Winning Street Photographer

Award-Winning Street Photography Wedding Photographer Yes, it’s now officially announced…I’m one of the winners of the International Street Photography 2016 competition – run by PDN in conjunction with publishers Acuity Press. As a result of being one of the winners I will be featured in a book curated and published by renowned photography historian and curator Mr Colin Westerbeck. To be chosen by Westerbeck, including other judges such as the legend that is Alex Webb, is extremely flattering and humbling. The Creative Engine That Drives My Documentary Wedding Photography As I’ve often said, my passion for candid street photography is very much the creative engine that informs and drives my natural documentary approach to wedding photography.  To be awarded by such legends, not just in street and documentary photography, but photography as a whole, demonstrates how seriously I take my work. Lots of photographers talk about passion – but few actually demonstrate it. For me, passion is an action, not a word. It’s taken my well over a decade of going out on the streets, …

Street photography of a couple kissing and a man jumping over them, on the beach in Brighton

Street Photography 2016 Winner

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I am one of the final 20 selected photographers who will be featured in a new book on contemporary street photography.  The book will be published later this year (2017) by Acuity Press and has been curated by the renowned photography historian and curator Colin Westerbeck. Not only delighted to have been personally chosen by Colin, a huge name in the world of street photography, but one of the judges in the earlier round was esteemed Magnum photographer, Alex Webb, who is a huge favourite of mine. Anyone who follows me regularly will know I am passionate about candid public photography and it has been highly influential on my unique storytelling approach to documentary wedding photography.  It’s why I am often called the “street photography wedding photography“. I will of course keep you updated on more details about the books publication as they become known.  The photos below are from my body of street photography work that will be featured in the book. Book Me If you enjoy …

Street Photography Wedding Photographer

With it being a public bank holiday weekend, here in the UK, I got the opportunity to go out in central London and spend a few hours taking some candid and documentary street photography for myself. As anyone who reads me regularly, they will know that my personal street photography is very much the creative juice that fuels me as a wedding photographer. Given my candid and non-traditional approach to wedding photography, shooting personal candid work out on the streets of London ensures I can keep my reflexes sharp and keen when I don’t have a wedding to shoot. My street photography is very much influenced by the likes of Garry Winogrand, Elliott Erwitt, Richard Kalvar and Tony Ray-Jones. I love looking for humour or the surreal in everyday street scenes.  If I get both in the one shot, even better!  And that’s the challenge of street photography, looking for the unusual in the usual and trying to elevate it into something special with the frame.  My street photography is about inducing a wry smile …

London Street Photography

My personal street photography work is very much the creative engine that drives my storytelling approach to wedding photography. It’s out on the street where I am able to hone my skills, get creative and develop my instincts. Like my wedding photojournalism, it’s all about capturing the perfect moment rather than worrying, too unnecessarily, about technical perfection. I firmly believe that if you can succeed as a street photographer then you have the skills, instincts and experience to succeed in any form of photography – but especially as a wedding photojournalist who relies on fast reactions, seeing moments in a split second and ensuring the integrity of those moments. Therefore, you may be interested in viewing more of my personal street photography work at which contains all my London based street work from the last 10 years or so. Here you will see how I have developed my natural, unobtrusive and storytelling approach which I utilise so effectively when shooting weddings and delivering a real wedding story. If you are getting married and enjoyed …

Candid street photography of a wedding party, posing for their traditional wedding portraits, in Central Park, New York City.

Candid Street Wedding Photography

Weddings Captured by a Street Photographer Street photography is very much my personal passion – it’s what I shoot in my spare time. In many ways it is what drives my approach to wedding photography.  There are a lot of similarities between street photography and wedding photojournalism. Both employ a candid and unobtrusive approach that attempts to capture the integrity of a moment and produce a storytelling narrative within the frame.  So it’s not surprising that I often think of myself as a street photographer who just happens to be shooting a wedding. There has been a small number of occasions whilst I’ve been out and about shooting street photography where I’ve stumbled across a wedding.  Of course, as a wedding photographer, I can’t resist capturing what’s unfolding before me – in a candid and discrete way- but without the expectation of being the official wedding photographer. So here are three examples of weddings I’ve captured in such circumstances. Central Park, New York City Wedding Photography Back in the spring of 2010 I was on …