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The bride grabs an elder guest during the wedding at Frilford Heath Golf Club in Oxfordshire.

Frilford Heath Golf Club Wedding Reception

The evening reception is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day, and this Frilford Heath Golf Club wedding reception was no different. It’s Time To Celebrate The great part about the evening reception is that everyone is ready to have fun and party.  The serious part of the wedding day is out of the way, everyone’s been fed and the drinks are usually flowing.  It’s the part of the wedding day when the couple can properly celebrate their tying of the knot. As a wedding photographer I always stay beyond the first dance – at least for an hour minimum but often longer – to document all those great expressions, great emotions and, yes, even those great dance floor moves. Frilford Heath Golf Club Wedding Reception Here a joyous bride has grabbed hold of an elderly wedding guest and is getting her disco groove thang on. You simply can’t create that kind of emotion on her face or the genuine nature of the moment.  As a documentary wedding photographer I want to capture …

Wedding cake and waiters at Marriott Meon Valley wedding

Marriott Meon Valley Wedding Cake – Why I Love This Image

There’s often a presumption that wedding photojournalists are only concerned with documenting people at weddings and that we don’t really bother with wedding detail shots.  Well, that’s why I’ve chosen this photo of a wedding cake at the Marriott Meon Valley Hotel and Country Club near Southampton in Hampshire for inclusion in my Why I Love This Image series. Wedding Details & the Wedding Photojournalist As an experienced wedding photographer I realise the importance of details shots.  After all, you have spent a lot of time, thought and money on choosing the smaller details of your wedding day.  It’s only natural you will want a documented record of these.  And a wedding photojournalist is there to capture all elements of your wedding story. But when I shoot the wedding details, such as a wedding cake, I also like to include some context and, wherever possible, some storytelling too.  There’s definitely no reason you can’t pull all these elements together, as this wedding cake shot demonstrates. The Wedding at the Marriott Meon Valley Hotel The wedding …

Morning bridal preparations in Kislingbury, Northamptonshire, as a newborn baby is fed.

Why I Love This Image: The Mothers & The Babies

A Reportage Wedding Photographer As a reportage wedding photographer it’s not always the big moments I’m looking to document on the wedding day.  Sometimes it’s those little details that can also say much and form such a touching part of the wedding story.

Why I Love This Image: The Abstract First Dance

As an award winning wedding photographer, and active member of the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (AGWPJA), I’m always looking to capture things a little differently, more creatively when I photograph a wedding.

Colour documentary wedding photography of male wedding guests enjoying cigars, during the evening reception at Highdown Vineyard in Ferring, West Sussex.

Why I Love This Image: Groomsmen, Cigars & a Toy Lens

To be honest, there are lots of things I love about this image from Crystal & Dom’s Highdown Vineyard wedding in West Sussex. It was early evening, during the wedding reception, and the warm summer sun was setting on the Sussex countryside.  A number of the groomsmen and male wedding guests had sneaked outside to enjoy a celebratory wedding cigar. At the time I was experimenting with a new lens on one of my cameras, and a plastic toy lens at that! Made by SLRMagic and near on a 50mm field of view, it’s a lens that gives a quirky and imperfect view of the world.  In many ways it’s the closest I’ve come to an old film analogue look on a digital camera – without any post processing that is. There was definitely a real retro and timeless vibe to the scene, which was perfectly enhanced by the toy lens.  This is really helped by the central standing male, sparking up his cigar, and with a vintage look straight out of the TV historical …

Wedding photography of a groom wiping a tear from his bride's eye, during the wedding at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton, East Sussex. Taken by Brighton wedding photographer Darren Lehane.

Why I Love This Image: Wiping Away The Tear

Weddings are often occasions of conflicting emotions. From tears to laughter, quite reflection through to shaking your moves on the dancefloor the wedding day usually has it all.

Black and white documentary wedding photography of emotional wedding guests, during the evenng reception in Gipsy Hill, by London wedding photojournalist Darren Lehane.

Why I Love This Image: The Raw Emotion

There’s lots of names for the style of wedding photography I undertake: wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography, wedding reportage photography, candid wedding photography and natural wedding photography to name but a few.

Why I Love This Image: Lost In Music

I defy you not to smile when you look at this photo from Charlene & David’s wedding in Luton.  In fact, let me correct that, it’s not a photo…it’s a moment. A wedding guest not just lost in the music of the evening reception. Now this is a wedding guest utterly lost in the moment of the wedding day.

Why I Love This Image: Quiet Time for the Couple

Wedding Photography at Rowton Castle, Shropshire As a documentary wedding photographer, there’s so many elements of a wedding day I love to capture. Often it’s the small moments, that seemed almost insignificant at the time, that can add such mood and emotion to a couple’s wedding story. This image, from Kara and Jason’s wedding photography at Rowton Castle in Shropshire, is one such moment. Moments In-Between the Moments I know I’ve talked about it before, but as a documentary wedding photographer I’m always looking out for the little moments. These are the moments that fall in between those bigger moments; the moments that you’re normally expected to capture as a wedding photographer. Here, the post-wedding ceremony portraits have been completed. The wedding couple had chatted with the wedding guests and had  now decided to take themselves off down the beautiful gardens at Rowton Castle, to enjoy a bit of quiet time after all the excitement and tension of the wedding morning. The All-Seeing Wedding Photojournalist It would have been easy for me to turn my …

Wedding photography at Littleton House, Surrey, of two mature wedding guests playing joyful during the evening reception.

Why I Love This Image: The Playful Wedding Guests

When you look at this wedding photography from Chloe & Dan’s wedding at Littleton House in Shepperton, Surrey, what do you see?  Two wedding guests larking about? The father of the groom larking about with a bald man?  Two older men who should know better? Well, when I look at this I see a lifetime connection of friendship. The man with the napkin on his head is the lifelong friend of the other man, who just happens to be the bride’s father. Napkin man also the best man at his friend’s wedding decades before. And here they are playing around joyfully at a wedding many many years later. And for me, this is what weddings are all about – a celebration of love, friendships and lifetime connections. It’s why I love applying a candid storytelling approach as a wedding photography. To be unobtrusive and naturally observe these moments is what makes each and every wedding story unique to the couple, family and friends involved. Weddings create memories to be cherished and friendships that last a …

Sedgebrook Hall wedding photography

The Descending Bride – Why I Love This Wedding Photograph

If there is one thing I’ve picked up from both my photojournalist and street photography background is that the best images have more than just one element of interest.  The great photos generally have a number of different factors that come together as one to make something special. That’s what happened in this image from Emily & Phils Sedgebrook Hall wedding photography in Northamptonhire.  I was perfectly placed to capture Emily coming down the central staircase, prior to the wedding ceremony, with her father carefully carrying the wedding dress train behind. There was no directing, posing or setting up the image. It’s the kind of completely natural and candid moment I specialise in as a wedding photojournalist. There’s a definite look of apprehensive tension in Emily’s face – the same look nearly all bride’s get just before the wedding ceremony is about begin. It’s the moment it’s all about to get real and serious. Had the moment been set up then the natural tension and anticipation would have gone or, at least, looked forced.  That’s …

Why I Love This Image: The Rock n Roll Groom

Every time I look at this image, from Jodi and Simon’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency Churchill in Portman Square, central London, I just can’t help but smile at the memory. Simon is a naturally quiet, polite and well-mannered young guy – but also a loving father and a rock to his family. So when the wedding band at the Hyatt Regency Churchill struck up with one of Simon’s favourite tracks, by the band Oasis, Simon was encouraged up with Jodi, his beautiful bride, to sing along in front of all their adoring fans, ahem, I mean wedding guests. Lost in the music and the moment there was a split second where Simon let go of his good old-fashioned British reserve and was a sneering, attitude filled Liam Gallagher the rock star. It was a brilliant moment that captured the great fun and amazing atmosphere of Jodi and Simon’s wedding day. Like I said at the outset, the photo always brings back fond and fantastic memories – which is exactly the job of wedding photojournalism, …

The bride gives a cheeky smile to the groom, during the wedding ceremony at the Holiday Inn in Brighton, East Sussex.

Why I Love This Image: The Cheeky Bride

The bride’s smile after the tears I took this photo a few years ago now, during Steph and Dan’s wedding ceremony at the Holiday Inn on Brighton seafront in East Sussex. Steph arrived in tears for her marriage to Dan, in fact I think it would be fair to say that Steph was most probably the most tearful bride I’ve seen at the beginning of a marriage service.  She really was overcome with emotion on what is always an emotional day.  But that’s great for me, as a wedding photojournalist with a natural storytelling approach to weddings. Who would have thought it? From such a tearful bride to a relaxed and cheeky bride in just a matter of minutes!  Even the Registrar seems genuinely surprised! It really does show the range of emotions a bride can go through on her wedding day and, as a wedding photojournalist, I am perfectly able to document these moments, emotions and exprssions for the wedding story. You could never stage or fake moments like these. It’s why wedding photojournalism …

Why I Love This Image: Wedding Details Abstract

Timeless and abstract wedding photography Anyone who has followed my personal photography work over the last decade or so will know I have a very soft spot for abstract reality photography – particularly that championed by the late great Aaron Siskind. So it’s no surprise that, from time to time, an abstract approach will turn up in my wedding photography, as in this detail shot from Lois and Dan’s wedding reception at the Village Institute in Upper Harlestone, Northamptonshire. There’s a certain whimsical charm and timeless feel to this image, from the antiquated chairs to the intricate lace patterns of the wedding dress through to the beautiful textures of the floor itself.  The flowers give a subtle nod to the rural surroundings of the Northampton wedding venue. This is all brought together by the sepia(ish) finish of the final processing. As part of the wedding story this fits beautifully given that the Village Institute is a stunning 1930s art deco building.  It’s literally a photo that looks like it could have been taken at any …

One of the best Northamptonshire documentary wedding photographers captures a young boy playing during the wedding toasts and speeches at Grendon Lakes, Northamptonshire

Why I Love This Image: The Boy Beneath The Table

A wedding is just a fun playground for kids! Kids are great at weddings, certainly from a wedding photojournalism perspective.  In many ways they epitomise everything that documentary wedding photography is: unposed, spontaneous and full of fun.  After all, it’s the real story of your wedding as it happens that I capture. Take this young boy, from Hollie and Dan’s Grendon Lakes wedding photography in Northamptonshire.  He doesn’t care about the wedding speeches or the toasts, no.  He’s far more interested in the table decorations that have fallen on the floor – they look far more fun and interesting! Of course, the fact that the bride and groom are enjoying the wedding speeches and are seemingly oblivious to a child’s world of fun and adventure going on beneath the head table makes the image even more amusing and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. Having spotted this happening, I manoeuvred myself into a better position and waited for him to starting playing with the MR letters – after all, …

Ashridge House wedding photography of the bridesmaids assisting the bride as she gets into her wedding dress

Why I Love This Image: The Reassuring Hand

A Calm Hand During The Bridal Preparations I love shooting bridal preparations on the morning of a wedding.  As a weding photojournalist  I love all the excitment, emotions, energy and nervous tension that is all mixed together during this part of the wedding day.  It’s such an integral part of the complete wedding story that I document. Of course, with so much going on things can become quite frantic and chaotic, especially as the clock starts to tick down and that’s why I love this image…in amongst all that’s going on the bride’s younger sister and bridesmaid reaches out a hand to reassure her that everything’s going to be fine. Don’t worry, enjoy it, I’m here for you. It also speaks of a deep love and affection between sisters on one of the biggest days in their lives. And, of course, there’s the attention to detail up getting the wedding dress done up – never an easy thing, especially in the pressure and stress of the wedding morning. You can’t fake a real and genuine …

Why I Love This Image: The Faith & The Devotion

Why I Love This Image of Imogen & Seb Hand-in-Hand My Why I Love This Image articles aim to give you an insight into why I took or love a particular image from one of the many wedding stories I shoot. As a wedding photographer I believe in being as open and transparent about the work and, I hope, by sharing my thoughts on some of my images you can both see and feel my passion for wedding photography. On The Southern Slopes of the South Downs in West Sussex I captured this moment fairly late on during Imogen & Seb’s wedding story in Worthing in West Sussex.  Having arrived at the stunningly beautiful setting of the Highdown Vineyard, which is situated on the southern slopes of the South Downs in-between the seaside towns of Worthing and Littlehampton, we ventured into the vineyard itself to get a couple of more traditional posed portraits of the happy couple before the sun set.  Afterwards, as Imogen and Seb walked hand-in-hand back towards the restaurant, where their weddings …

Northamptonshire wedding photography at Sedgebrook Hall in Chapel Brampton, Northants

Why I Love This Image: The Laughing Groomsman

Why I Love This Image My Why I Love This Image articles aim to give you an insight into why I took or love a particular image from one of the many wedding stories I shoot. As a wedding photographer I believe in being as open and transparent about the work and, I hope, by sharing my thoughts on some of my images you can both see and feel my passion for wedding photography. Traditional Posed Wedding Photography vs. Wedding Photojournalism As a wedding photographer who specialises in a wedding photojournalism approach, most of my work will naturally feature real moments, genuine emotions and true expressions.  However, most couples do also require a number of the traditional posed portraits on the wedding day and I am always more than happy to oblige. In fact, my most popular wedding photography package, The Wedding Storyteller, includes unlimited posed portraits and group shots as part of it.  So this image, from Emily and Phil’s wonderful wedding story, at Sedgebrook Hall in Northamptonshire, was part of the formal shots …

Sussex Wedding photographer captures the bride and groom playing on a swing in the gardens of the Roebuck Hotel in Forest Row, West Sussex

Why I Love This Image: The Swingers

Unobtrusive Wedding Photojournalism One of the key elements of wedding photojournalism is the ability to capture moments discreetly and unobtrusively, that ensure the integrity of the moment isn’t compromised.  Had I tried to stage or direct this lovey moment of Nicole and Eugene, playing on a swing in the gardens of the Roebuck Hotel, in Forest Row, East Sussex, or had they even been overtly aware of my presence then the mood would have been killed, the moment would have been lost and this lovely photo wouldn’t have become part of their wonderful wedding story. That’s why wedding photojournalism is perfect for capturing the genuine moments of a real wedding story. A Beautiful English Wedding Setting The main reason why I love this image is the way it encapsulates in one frame the mood of a perfect English summer’s evening in such a timeless fashion. Maybe it’s the tree swing that makes it so evocative of a romantic rural setting.  Certainly the low evening sun casts a magical light across the scene, with deep shadows …

Why I Love This Image: The Emotional Friend

A Perfect Example of Wedding Photojournalism Wedding photojournalism is all about documenting the real story of wedding day in a candid, natural and unobtrusive manner, without ever dictating events or staging fake moments. It relies on the skill, experience and anticipation of the wedding photographer to capture genuine moments, emotions and expressions. And that’s why I love this image of an emotional friend – it perfectly captures the emotions of a fleeting moment during a private but pivotal time of the wedding day. Small But Important Moments The bride, Alex, has just been helped into her wedding dress during the morning bridal preparations at home in Warborough, Oxfordshire, by her close friend. I often say that the bridal preparations are a fantastic time for me, as a wedding photojournalist, to capture lots of emotions. At this time of the day everyone is relaxed and excited and enjoying doing the things that girls really love to do…like hair, make-up and dressing up! Wedding photojournalism relies on fast reactions and being alive to the possibility of situations, so as Alex’s …

Rowton Castle wedding photography of the wedding singer picked out by a lone spotlight, creating an atmospheric mood during the evening wedding reception

Why I Love This Image: The Blues Singer

Why I Love This Wedding Image of The Blues Singer. Being a wedding photojournalist who loves capturing natural, candid and beautiful wedding photography the evening wedding reception provides lots of different and decisive moments.  Often overlooked are photos that capture the other wedding vendors you’ve booked and who have worked so hard in delivering your perfect wedding day. That’s why I see it as part of my mission to capture the other players and characters who make up your wedding story and give you a complete wedding photojournalism package. The Perfect Example of Wedding Photojournalism This particular image is from Kara & Jason’s wedding day up at Rowton Castle in Shropshire and is a perfect example of how wedding photojournalism can capture the most beautiful and natural images without the need to fake or stage them.  As a result the wedding story is one that throws up real memories of moments rather than moments created by a photographer. Here a very talented and beautiful singer was entertaining the guests (although there was one young man …

Why I Love This Image: The Couples & The Cross

Why I Love This Image This is a pretty recent photo from Lisa and Steve’s wedding at Slaley Hall in Northumberland yet already the first thing I get asked about the image is, “did you set this up?” Of course, as a wedding photojournalist the vast majority of my wedding photography is shot in a candid and natural way – no staging or faking of events. I want to document a wedding story of the day itself, rather than my creation of it and this photo is no exception…this was a real and genuine moment I spotted and photographed. Now there are two very important reasons why I love this image.  Firstly, of course it’s the symmetry between both couples and the way in which they are both mirroring each others private and touching moments towards the end of the evening.  Try and stage this and it would never look so tender and touching. The couples are clearly lost in one another and my presence is discreet and unobtrusive enough to insure the integrity of the …

Old Ship Inn Brighton wedding photography of the mother-of-the-bride being assisted by the mother-of-the-groom during the bridal preparations

Why I Love This Image – We Are Family

As a wedding photojournalist I love those little fleeting moments that happen in-between the bigger moments of a wedding day. After all, it’s those moments that add so much to the bigger wedding story itself.  So when I saw the mother-of-the-groom adding a finishing touch to the hair of the mother-of-the-bride I literally clicked on instinct. Yes, this is what bridal preparations are all about, but the way the two mums come together is not only touching but also represents what weddings are all about…two families coming together to form a new one. Could that be any more beautifully demonstrated then this image? A second reason I love this image is how another member of the wedding party enters the frame, which creates an interesting sense of depth and layering.  Being a big fan of street photographer William Klein, who was renowned for the way he used layers in his images, I just can’t resist looking for the same in mine. You can see other images I love here. Techie details for the camera geeks: …

The wedding singer during a Rowton Castle wedding evening reception.

The Unimpressed Boy – Why I Love This Image

As a documentary wedding photographer I literally live for catching those little fleeting and often decisive moments from the wedding day. The kind of blink and you miss them moments that can say so much within the story of the wedding. The Integrity of The Moment So there I was, shooting Kara and Jason’s wedding up at Rowton Castle near Shrewsbury in Shropshire, having just finished photographing the first dances.  The delightful and beautiful wedding singer was in full flow, entertaining the guests with her mix of soulful blues and jazz, when I looked across the room and saw this young boy peering around the door and looking, well, far from impressed with the vibe.