Candid street photography of a woman on crutches in central London.

Inside The Moment of Street Photography

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Too much street photography has become contrived.

Too thought out. Planned.

You can sense the street photographer has found the right spot, staked it out, waited for the right components to come together. It’s literally become staged. A cliche of itself. 

I’ve been guilty of it too.  It happens when nothing is actually happening.  You need to make it happen.  You force it.  It becomes your creation of life on the street. As opposed to life itself happening.

It’s become a conceptual street photography.

Street photography of street art and an old lady in Liverpool.

A contrived, force moment of street photography.

For me, the best candid photography on the street is raw and spontaneous. It’s instinctive. It’s not overthought.  You feel it in the gut. It gets you right inside the moment, for just a few fleeting hundredths of a second.

It reflects life happening. As it happens. Right there. Right now.

And life isn’t perfect, or well composed. Life isn’t about waiting around or over thinking.

So give me real life. Give me real street photography. Just don’t think too much about it.

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