The bride grabs an elder guest during the wedding at Frilford Heath Golf Club in Oxfordshire.

Frilford Heath Golf Club Wedding Reception

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The evening reception is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day, and this Frilford Heath Golf Club wedding reception was no different.

It’s Time To Celebrate

Frilford Heath Golf Club Wedding

The great part about the evening reception is that everyone is ready to have fun and party.  The serious part of the wedding day is out of the way, everyone’s been fed and the drinks are usually flowing.  It’s the part of the wedding day when the couple can properly celebrate their tying of the knot.

As a wedding photographer I always stay beyond the first dance – at least for an hour minimum but often longer – to document all those great expressions, great emotions and, yes, even those great dance floor moves.

Frilford Heath Golf Club Wedding Reception

A guest at this Frildford Heath Golf Club wedding in Oxfordshire

Here a joyous bride has grabbed hold of an elderly wedding guest and is getting her disco groove thang on.

You simply can’t create that kind of emotion on her face or the genuine nature of the moment.  As a documentary wedding photographer I want to capture all those real moments as they happen.  I’m not looking to set up, stage or even fake a fantastic moment like this.

It’s All About The Colour Too

The bride grabs an elder guest during the wedding at Frilford Heath Golf Club in Oxfordshire.

Also I love the colour.  From the pink hat the bride has put on through to the disco lights that surround the dance floor.  The colour and freezing of the moment is assisted by using a flash – something I’ll only revert to during the dancing in the evening.

It’s nice too to have colour splashed across the frame.  Too often wedding photojournalism is associated with black and white photography, so it’s nice to show off colour when documenting the wedding story.

So that’s why I love this image of from a Frilford Heath Golf Club wedding.

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Why I Love This Image: Lost In Music

Blog Article, Why I Love This Image

I defy you not to smile when you look at this photo from Charlene & David’s wedding in Luton.  In fact, let me correct that, it’s not a photo…it’s a moment. A wedding guest not just lost in the music of the evening reception. Now this is a wedding guest utterly lost in the moment of the wedding day.

Why I Love This Image: The Rock n Roll Groom

Why I Love This Image

Every time I look at this image, from Jodi and Simon’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency Churchill in Portman Square, central London, I just can’t help but smile at the memory.

Simon is a naturally quiet, polite and well-mannered young guy – but also a loving father and a rock to his family. So when the wedding band at the Hyatt Regency Churchill struck up with one of Simon’s favourite tracks, by the band Oasis, Simon was encouraged up with Jodi, his beautiful bride, to sing along in front of all their adoring fans, ahem, I mean wedding guests. Lost in the music and the moment there was a split second where Simon let go of his good old-fashioned British reserve and was a sneering, attitude filled Liam Gallagher the rock star. It was a brilliant moment that captured the great fun and amazing atmosphere of Jodi and Simon’s wedding day.

Like I said at the outset, the photo always brings back fond and fantastic memories – which is exactly the job of wedding photojournalism, in capturing those real moments and genuine emotions that are part of a unique wedding story for the couple.  That wedding story is the basis of memories they will recollect months, years and decades later.

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Ashridge House wedding photography of the wedding videographer adjusting settings of the video booth

Another Wedding Photography Award

Awards, Competitions

I was genuinely surprised, flattered and honoured to learn that I have picked up a second wedding photography award just a few days after the last.

This one was from the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) itself and, amusingly, was another of a wedding vendor – this time from Carly and Sonny’s wedding story at Ashridge House in Hertfordshire.

In the image itself, two wedding guests can be seen leaving a video message for the bride and groom, whilst you can just catch a glimpse of the vendor using a remote control to change what is on the screen in the video booth. It’s subtle but I love how it shows how wedding suppliers are always working in the background of a wedding to ensure the day can be as memorable as it can be.


Of course, it’s always lovely to pick up wedding photography awards, especially when they are genuine awards that are voted on by esteemed judges and your peers. Awards do offer potential wedding couples that the photographer is professional, creative and up to the demanding task of capturing a wedding story. But you do have to be careful – there are a lot of awards out there that anyone can “win”, simply by paying the appropriate “entry fee.” So when you see wedding photographers claiming to be “award winning” it’s worth checking and asking who judged the award and what it was for…after all, someone’s swimming award isn’t going to be that relevant to your wedding photography!

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Why I Love This Image: The Couples & The Cross

Why I Love This Image

Why I Love This Image

This is a pretty recent photo from Lisa and Steve’s wedding at Slaley Hall in Northumberland yet already the first thing I get asked about the image is, “did you set this up?”

Of course, as a wedding photojournalist the vast majority of my wedding photography is shot in a candid and natural way – no staging or faking of events. I want to document a wedding story of the day itself, rather than my creation of it and this photo is no exception…this was a real and genuine moment I spotted and photographed.

Now there are two very important reasons why I love this image.  Firstly, of course it’s the symmetry between both couples and the way in which they are both mirroring each others private and touching moments towards the end of the evening.  Try and stage this and it would never look so tender and touching. The couples are clearly lost in one another and my presence is discreet and unobtrusive enough to insure the integrity of the moment is not disturbed or ruined. That’s the strength and power of wedding photojournalism. It’s real and authentic and when the bride and groom look back at this photo they will remember the private moment that they were sharing, rather than looking back and saying “oh remember when Darren made us do this.”  Reality is always more powerful than fiction.

Of course, a lot of viewers won’t realise that the two men in the image are brothers and that’s what adds an even more emotional and strong bond to the image. It has meaning on a number of levels for the couples.

The other aspect of the image that really makes this so powerful for me, is the cross formed by the frame of the window. With the bride and groom sat beneath it, tenderly engaging, it gives a really spiritual mood and atmosphere to the image.  It literally reminds us of the religious traditions of marriage, even if we’re not all religious.

As a photographer you can only be alert to such fleeting moments and why you should never switch off. This image was shot about 12 hours into my working day and proves a wedding photojournalist is always alive and alert to possibilities – even at the end of the night.

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Techie details for the camera geeks:
Body: Olympus OMD EM5  Lens: 12mm (EFL: 24mm)  Aperture: f/2  Shutter Speed: 1/40  ISO: 1600  Flash: Did not fire.

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My Why I Love This Image series hopefully gives you more of an insight of why I took particular images, their context and my thought processes. As a wedding photojournalist I strongly believe in providing an open, honest and transparent explanation of the photography I capture.

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