A young wedding with a compact camera at the Old Ship in Brighton

The Camera Doesn’t Make The Photographer

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There’s lots of rubbish spoken about gear in photography. A misguided impression, fuelled by the marketing propaganda of camera manufacturers, that to be a “pro photographer” you need to have the latest, most expensive camera equipment.

Let’s be very clear about this. A camera is just a tool. A good photographer will deliver results with any camera. The rest is just labeling. Or fan boy obsessing.

Far better to know your camera inside out than what the brand name is. Better to know it’s limitations and work within them. Or, to be blunt, just become a better, more experienced photographer.

I’d suggest it’s better to spend money on learning photography than on gear. Having an expensive camera or the latest camera isn’t going to make someone a better photographer suddenly.  The brand label on the camera doesn’t really count for much when it comes to shooting a wedding if you haven’t a clue what you are doing.

Filming the first dance on a mobile phone at Frilford Heath golf course in Oxfordshire.

After all, having the best most expensive car doesn’t make you the best driver, does it? Having the latest oven on the market isn’t going to suddenly make you a Michelin star chef, is it? Or having the latest exclusive brand name on a coat isn’t going to make you any warmer, or drier.

In reality there’s no such thing as the perfect camera. Or a completely foolproof camera. Or a perfect photo.  Whether I’m shooting a wedding or out on the street shooting candid street photography I’m confident enough in myself to pick up any camera and get results.  I may have to work harder to get those results – but isn’t that what sets apart a professional photographer from an enthusiast?

There’s simply good photographers or bad photographers. I’ve never known a couple book a camera to photograph their wedding.

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