A discarded funny nose on the floor during a Cecil Sharp House wedding in London.

Why Your Story Is In The Wedding Details

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I don’t shoot many wedding details,” is a common thing I hear from other wedding photojournalists. “I’m about people and the moments.”

Personally, I feel the wedding details are an important part of the storytelling process of any wedding day. They are very much the glue that holds together the bigger story of the wedding.

You don’t have to photograph them in a cliched way. They don’t have to be cheesy fodder for wedding blogs or magazines.  As a big fan of William Eggleston, who documents some of the most mundane details, you can do it in a creative and original ways.

The story is often in the smaller details.

Snapshots: my short and quick to read blog posts. They may be about everything and anything. Not just weddings or photography.

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